Easy Cleaning Rotary Valve
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Fast Clean Rotary valve

Our "Easy Clean" rotary valve/feeder has an  easily detachable rotor which can be removed within a few minutes to facilitate safe inspection and cleaning.

Introduction of Quick Clean Rotary Valve

     Quick-cleaning rotary valves are widely used in food, medicine, and chemical industries that require high hygiene requirements, as well as the unloading of cleaning systems that require frequent replacement of materials. It is easy to disassemble and clean. To meet higher hygiene standard, we offer different grade of inner housing polishing treatment.

Design standards

  • Housing and endplates (Carbon steel or SS304)
  • Sheared angle inlet
  • 8-10 Vanes, carbon steel, open end rotor
  • Supporting bars for easy removal of rotor and endplate
  • Bearings are sealed, outboard, ball bearing type

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