Easy Cleaning Rotary Valve
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Easy Cleaning Rotary Valve

Capacity: 2.5L-140L&others
Materials:cast iron&carbon steel&stainless steel
Motor: SEW&others
Media:powder and granule
Flange: Square/Round

  Introduction of Easy Clean Rotary Valve

    This series valve consists of mechanical cleaning type and manual cleaning type.It’s mainly used in the places where require high sanitary standard,like pharmaceutical industry,food industry and so on.It’s the   best choice for conveying sticky materials and pasty materials. 


    1.Mechanical cleaning is divided into interference cleaning and forced cleaning.
      (1)Interference cleaning rotary valve adopts air turbulence and high pressure air blow-off to clean the valve.
      (2)Forced cleaning rotary valve adopts specially-designed inner structure to forcibly clean the material in the chamber of rotor blades. These two methods can both be done while working.


    2.Manual cleaning is also called rapid cleaning. Customers can dismantle the valve in very short time. Besides, the chamber walls have all been polished, so it’s very convenient for people to clean and sterilize. This method has to stop the valve while cleaning

This valve is our RV-C.PI model, belongs to interference cleaing.

RV-D.PI smart pulsating cleaning rotary valve adopts high pressure pulsating and air turbulence to clean the materials in the rotor chambers. This valve is small in size and has high cleaning efficiency, which suits handling the materials that are sticky and easily get agglomeration, efficiently avoiding the low output caused by not timely getting rid of the residual materials. With control device, the blowing frequency, sequence and interval can be adjusted as needs, and high pressure source can be fully made use of. 

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