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Looking back to 2017 and cherish 2018 (part two)

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Update time : 2018-11-01 16:20:37

2017 is of a great harvest to us, meanwhile 2018 didn't disappoint us. Thanks to all salesmen dedicated themselves to work can sales target completed in advance. Till now, we overfulfilled sales task in 2018.  Leading the food industry in China, Cheegers begins to expand to other fields like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, energy & chemicals etc. As long as the conveying system has pressure difference, the handing material  is powder or granule, can our products been used to discharge or feed material. We adjusted the equipments due to different technology and process so as to meet customer’s requirements accordingly. We need further analyze the market basing on market, culture, client difference in order to provide desired products and warm services to customers.  

We totally attended three exhibitions domestic and abroad within this year, we would like to seize every opportunity to make improvement by learning from peers and clients. During the exhibitions, we communicated with customers face –to –face to understand their just need better. Customers expressed their concerns, our technicians provided solutions to every concern mentioned. Our executive ablity gained highly speak of from customers and peers. Exhibition details as below:


1. Iran AgriShow Tehran on 24-27 Feb. 2018.

It is one of the biggest agricultural exhibitions in Middle East, a large number of farmers, manufacturers and experts meet every year in order to exchange expertise and experience with other countries. This is a good chance to develop towards mechanization and modernization of agriculture. On this exhibition, we met our old friends who bought our products online, and further communicated customerization to use ceramic inside the products to avoid handing material excessive metal. 

2. The 16th China International Trade Fair for the Grain and Oil Products, Equipment and Technology on 28-30 Sep. 2018

For this exhibition, influential enterprises of all oil and grains industries domestic and abroad attended it. On this 3-day exhibition, many old friends came to know about our new models, they were much interested on it and expressed their praise. The equipments showed here on this exhibition are the most advanced products in our domestic grain industry.

3. 16th International Powder & Bulk Solids Processing Conference & Exhibition on 17-19 Oct. 2018

It attracted 200 exhibitors and more than 8000 visitors to get knowledge about the market trends, obtain the latest product information and purchase. We will pay more attention to industry trends, close to customer’s needs, further explore the market. As for the engineer technology, our engineer designer and execution team will get improvement in professional knowledge and capability. The establishment of expert teams and application of related tools are  more suitable for diversified development areas.